Nowshahr Port

Nowshahr Port

About noshahr port

Geo info:
36.659° / 51.506° LATITUDE / LONGITUDE

Max draft: 5

About Noshahr Port in iran


Location: Bandar Noshahr is situated on the S coast of the Caspian Sea, 194km N of Tehran and 200km from Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province. General overview: Bandar Noshahr is a multi purpose port and includes the Khazar Special Economic Zone. Imports: Chemicals, steel, metals, spare parts, oil products, construction materials and timber. Exports: Fruit, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, minerals. Traffic figures: The port handles approx 1,500,000t of cargo annually. Max size: Max LOA 150, draught 5.0m, 5,000DWT.


Break Bulk,Container, Liquid, Dry Bulk, Passenger, Ro-Ro

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